Why to advertise on Erotic Berlin?

  • We provide users with friendly environment and technical support,
  • modern and transparent web design,
  • chance of both banner advertisement and classic profile-based advertisement,
  • chance of adding entries and thus informing the web visitors of upcoming events and other up-to-date information,
  • English language version, so that the international visitors know their way about

Independent girl or Independent man advertisement

An advertisement presents the basic way of presentation on our erotic portal. To create a visible and accessible portal profile it is necessary to purchase credits (here) for which you purchase a membership to be entitled to create an advertisement (membership info here).

If you wish to create an advertisement (profile), go on administration. In the picture below you see exactly where to fill in the profile information. The profile information are divided into several categories in the editing mode, namely: Description, Personal information, Services offered, Languages, Category, Working hours, Price information, Contact information. As soon as you get there, simply click on the desired item of the list you wish to fill in or edit. You can have your profile both in Czech and English. After you finish editing the respective field, click on the blue button Save and you can proceed to another information field. It is advisable to use a profile photo with your advertisement. Your advertisement will display in respective category and visitors to the portal will be able to look it up according to selected parameters.


While uploading a profile photo, click on Profile photo (see the picture above). Click on „Vybrat soubor“ and upload the desired profile picture from your computer file.
Uploading pictures in the photo gallery works on the same basis as uploading a profile picture. After your pictures are uploaded, click on the blue button saying „Nahrát obrázek“. Your profile information and pictures can be edited at any time and will be visible until your membership expires.

Facility (enterprise) advertisement

Users who chose to advertise their enterprise have various options of how to advertise. First, click on administration and fill the information into Description, Services, Facilities, Category, Working hours, Prices, and Contact Information field (see picture below). After having filled in each of the fields, make sure you save your entries by clicking on the blue button Save. It is advisable to upload a profile picture to go with your profile. Click on Profile picture, then on Vybrat soubor and choose the desired photo from your computer files. Always remember to save the pictures – Nahrát obrázek. The same steps apply on the choice of creating a photo gallery.


In the administration mode, you can create profiles of men and girls working in the enterprise. See the picture below:


Click on Add girl or Add man, fill in their names, personal information and confirm your entries by clicking on the blue button Save to get to other information fields.

The number of profiles of girls or boys is not limited. After having filled in each of the designated fields (Personal Info, Services, Working hours), click on the blue button Save. Adding photos is just as the same procedure as when creating an enterprise profile.

If anything needs to be clarified, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

How to purchase credits

If you are interested in ordering a banner or Erotic Berlin portal membership, you have to purchase credits first. You can do so on
There you choose the amount of credits you would like to purchase. Click on „Buy“ to confirm your choice and choose the way of payment – either Bank transfer or Cash. If you choose the Cash option, you need to use a money order to pay for the credits.

Further, you have to fill in the bailing information and click on „Buy“. Other information needed to finish the purchase (variable symbol of the payment) will be sent to your email. The credits will be added on your account after the payment is received.

Do you still have any inquiries? Contact us!


If you wish to order a banner on Erotic Berlin, the first step to take is to buy credits (info here). You don’t need to purchase a membership to be able to purchase a banner. You only need to be a registered user and have a sufficient amount of credits.

I you have successfully purchased the credits, you can proceed to the banner order.

If you are registered as an independent boy or girl, you can purchase banners located on homepage, and other 8 banners above each facility‘s detailed info (see picture below). You can also locate your banner above girl or man detailed info, and above blog detail info. You can directly click on the Buy button located below each banner position. There you can also see from when the position is available. Once you click on it you can choose the period along which your banner will be displayed. When you click on the desired duration of the banner the sum of credits of this duration will show. Make a tick in the Terms and Conditions checkbox and click on Binding order. You will receive an email confirming your membership status.


The available banner position for a registered enterprise are to be seen in the pictures above and below.


Banners located on the left side margin are displayed on each web subpage, i.e. those are the banners with the highest display frequency.

Banner on the right side margin is bound to the homepage and displays whenever a portal visitor accesses it.
Also, you can purchase banners located on the right side of a subpage margin. Each subpage, i.e. each category displays different banners, so that there is a lot of space to advertise. For example you can order a banner which will only display in the Erotic Massage category.

Banners on the right side of a SUBCATEGORY margin can be purchased as well. If you run an SM salon, you can locate your banner in the subcategory called SM salons, which is to be found in the Erotic clubs category.

If you are interested in ordering a banner, go on and choose its position. If you wish your banner to be located directly on the homepage, stay there. If you wish it to be located in a designated category or subcategory, go there.
As soon as you are on the desired web page, you’ll either see already set banners or empty spaces indicating possible banner positions. Click on Buy advertising position and you will proceed to the banner ordering interface. Here you insert the target link, choose the banner picture and the desired duration of the banner. The sum of credits of this duration will show. Make a tick in the Terms and Conditions checkbox and click on Binding order. The processing of your order you will then be notified by email.

Enterprises or men registered in the category of GAY make an exception; they can purchase banners directly in the Gay category either on the right side or above men and enterprise detailed view.

Is there anything you would like to have clarified? Contact us!

Membership information

Erotic Berlin works on the basis of membership, for which you pay in the form of credits that need to be purchased prior to the purchase of a membership. Info about purchase here.

As soon as the credits are added to your account, you can proceed to the purchase of a membership: . Here you choose the type of membership you would like to order: BASIC or PREMIUM, and click on the blue button Order. (You will learn about the differences between these two at the end of this article)

After you confirm your choice, you will choose the membership duration.

The durations are as long as 30, 60, or 90 days. You will also see the price of each duration length. Again, click on the blue button Order. The summary of your order shows – the type of membership, from/ until when it is valid, and the price. If you don’t need to change any details, click on Bailing order to finish your order.

BASIC and PREMIUM – what’s the difference?

BASIC membership is the basic type of Erotic Berlin portal membership. Services included in this membership are as follows: portal presentation on the basis of an advertisement which is to be seen within the category you choose upon your registration. For more information about creating a profile click here. If you are presented as an enterprise, you are able to create profiles of girls and men working there.

Furthermore, you are able to make entries which serve as a medium to share the news with potential client, e.g. you can let them know about upcoming parties, happy hours and other discounts. These entries should be authentic, not copied and pasted excerpts from other web sources. Thus you will ensure high numbers of your profile traffic.

If you would like your advertisement to be displayed on top positions, you will appreciate services offered by PREMIUM membership. This membership involves BASIC membership services plus the advantage of placing your advertisement above advertisers with Basic membership. Your advertisement will then be seen by more visitors.

PREMIUM membership is a powerful tool for advertising enterprises in the category of Erotic clubs, Erotic massage salons, Sexshops and Short-term flats. The entries from PREMIUM membership users are displayed on homepage so that every visitor to the portal will notice them. In the picture below you see the fields where the entries of particular categories will show.

You can post one entry each day. Also, they should be authentic texts. The homepage entries will rank according to time of their issue. This means that your entry will be visible on homepage until it is replaced by new entries. You can post unlimited number of entries but, only will display on homepage. Other will be visible on your profile.

If you still need any clarification, or would like to ask about further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.