28. 12. 2014

Women and sex in Berlin

Have you already have a possibility to find out what is the difference comparing your partner and paid companion? Sex with prostitute is in many cases very different. Leaving aside we have no feelings towads her and it’s just about sex, not making love, so we can find out that sex can have more similarities. Prostitutes in Berlin or another pay girls in Berlin know many ways how to bring you to orgasm. They are professional companions in Berlin who live from sex and they’re trying to be extraordinary in it, original and really good.

Here are few differences you can notice if you have a sex in Berlin with common woman or if you buy an experienced Berlin companion.

Slow undressing and prelude

Common women love slow undressing, they want to be unwrapped like a present and for them, it is a part of prelude. Don’t be in rush with a common woman. You have to tempt them, to cuddle with them, be here just for them. For women, the most erogenous zone is their mind.
Companion in Berlin will let it just up to you. Do you want to cuddle with her? No problem, do it. But if you are in mood to have just a fast and furious sex in Berlin, no problem. You don’t have to woo her for hours. She likes to go right to the thing. And she has no problem with undressing as well. She is here for you. She is here to make you happy.

French kissing and tendernesses

Regargind sex and erotic in Berlin, women prefer lots of feelings and thoughts. They want to feel they’re loved. Long and deep French kissing on lips and everywhere else where it is exciting and calming for them.
But prostitutes in Berlin need no kissing at all. Here it is just all about sex in Berlin. Some companions in Berlin even donť allow you to kiss them. It is related to their feelings. Of course, it even depends on mutual sympathies. Many companions have already even so called GFE (GirlFriend Experience), which means it is possible to feel with them like with a real lady love. She will embrace you with kisses, she is kind, she fondles you after having a sex and she’s trying to feel your feelings – being an empathetic.

Sexual activity

Lots of common women would like to sometime have a command regarding sex. But once you give them a chance, they do nothing and they’re not able to do anything they were thinking about.
Companions in Berlin will really engage in sex. You won’t fuck. You will be fucked! And that’s what’s going on. To properly enjoy a sex in Berlin.

Sexual practices

A real girlfriend won’t definitely offer you such list of practices like Berlin prostitutes do. She has no problem to refuse you or send youu to hell with a particular practic. You have to think about her needs and feelings in 1st place.
Companion Berlin tries to be original. She’s trying to offer you the best from erotic services. When you’re picking a companion from Berlin, you already have an overview about services she provides. Do you want to afford SM in Berlin or you want the girl to show you an awesome squirting? No problem. You can find here all of it.

Independent sex Berlin

You can’t just fuck and spurn a common woman. Or, of course you can, but…it will backfire you. Don’t do it. Be kind to women. If you want to have full independent and awesome sex in Berlin, chceck our girls.
Companions Berlin will want just the sex. Nothing else matters. If you don’t want to give up a freedom and you want to really enjoy the sex, Berlin prostitutes are ideal choice.

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