What brings Erotic Berlin to me?

Portal Erotic Berlin brings you more clients and that means more money. And that is the goal!

What offers Erotic Berlin in addition, compared to other erotic portals?

Erotic Berlin offers unbeatably low prices, constantly rising traffic, modern design, English version of the portal, technical support, the option to update your profile with no limitations and the ability to upload blog posts.

A short price comparing with another erotic portal.
Price for Basic membership:

Erotic Berlin another erotic portal
616 – 800 CZK* 2.400 CZK

*it depends on for what amount of money you order your credits. The more you order, the less expensive they are.

How much does your service cost?

Advertising on Erotic Berlin is very cheap and convenient. Prices start at 260 credit for banner for a month, membership starts at 400 credits per month, depending on the nature of the facility. On Erotic Berlin you don´t pay extra for girls or men belonging to your company, unlimited number of girls and men who belongs to your company is included in the price.

What are credits?

Credits are something like our “internal currency”. We can say, that one credit equals one czech crown. At first, you order credits for a money and then you buy membership and banners with credits.

What do I have to do to be able to advertise on your portal?

First of all, you have to go through the registration procedure, which is free. For banner or visible profile advertisement it is necessary to purchase credits for which you can order portal membership or buy a banner.

How long does approval of registration takes?

We try to approve it as soon as possible. If the registration is done during normal working hours, it should not take more than a few hours.

Shall I receive a message in case my account will(not) be approved?

Yes, after approval of your the presentation, we will send you a notification email. The same applies in the event that your presentation has not been approved.

What kinds of memberships are available?

Erotic Berlin portal offers two kinds of memberships – BASIC and PREMIUM. Both of them provide you with the facility to advertise in the form of creating a visible profile advertisement and adding blog entries. PREMIUM membership guarantees that your advertisement will be displayed on one of the top positions in its respective category and subcategory. Furthermore, your blog entries give you the chance of being displayed on the homepage.

Do I need to purchase a membership in order to buy a banner?

No, you don’t need to. You only need to purchase credits for which you buy the banner. Banners and membership work independently.

Can I change the information and photos of the advertisement?

Yes, you can edit your profile information or change photos after logging in the Administration section.

Why to choose long term advert?

Traffic of our site is growing every day. Once it grows up significantly, we can increase our prices. But if you buy your advert for a long time, your price will be fixed for the whole period.

What is Erotic Berlin?

Erotic Berlin is a portal where visitors are going to find erotic services in Prague

If you´re offering erotic services in Prague, you can advertise it at Erotic Berlin.

How to advertise at Erotic Berlin?

Insert your presentation (containing your pictures, services offered etc.) at Erotic Berlin.

Your presentation will be revealed to your potentional clients after purchasing a membership.

Importance of membership at Erotic Berlin

Without membership your presentation at Erotic Berlin is invisible for visitors. Like it doesn´t exist at all.

So by purchasing a membership your presentation will be revealed to the visitors.

A Premium membership will move your presentation to the upper positions. It means above all presentations having the Basic membership.

How to highlight yourself?

Another possibility of highlighting your presentation is the banner.

Banner is an advertising spot placed in different locations of Erotic Berlin website.

There is a limited amount of banners. They attract more attention of a visitor and that increases a chance he will browse just your presentation.

A role of credits at Erotic Berlin

Credits are internal currency at Erotic Berlin.

For credits you can buy membership and banners.

The most expensive credit costs 1 CZK. For 1.000 CZK you can buy 1.000 credits.

For 25.000 CZK you can buy even 32.500 credits (which is cca 0,77 CZK per 1 credit).

How to purchase credits?

You can buy credits after logging in at Erotic Berlin.

As soon as you log in, you will see a button labeled “buy a credit” in the upper right. Then you just choose an amount you want to buy, fill in an invoice data, choose a way of payment and pay.

After payment is delivered to our account, credits will be allocated to your presentation at Erotic Berlin.

How to purchase a membership?

You can buy membership after logging in at Erotic Berlin.

As soon as you log in, you will see a button labeled “order membership” in the upper right. Then you just choose Basic or Premium membership, time period of membership and the you press “Order” button.

After that, your presentation starts to be visible at Erotic Berlin and from your account will be deducted corresponding amount of credits.

How to purchase a banner?

Find a place at Erotic Berlin where you want your banner to be shown.

Some banners positions are allowed just for clubs.

The banner you´re allowed to buy you identify according to that (once logged in) below banner position you can see a label “buy (advertising position)”.

Press the label, choose a time period for which you want to purchase the banner, fill in another data and confirm an order.

Still missing anything?

If you miss any information or you have any question, please, don´t hesitate to contact us via our email